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You are now helping your children decide which college they will attend in the fall, and you are probably worried, like all of us, about what it will cost.
Do you realize colleges will give you money even if you don’t think you qualify?
Here is a note I received from a Dad I helped just last weekend
"We just got back from visiting our daughter's first choice. We followed the Getting Money For College program, despite being told more than once that there was no more non-need-based financial aid to give. Financial Aid actually told us "we don't play that game".  This morning, our daughter received a revised award package adding $20,000 in grants over four years. This really works!"

David, Westchester County, NY
Joel Peck, CPA
College Tuition Expert
For the past 15 years, my passion has been teaching families to use the financial aid process for their own benefit. I have helped 100’s of families like yours get money from their colleges, regardless of your income, savings or child’s GPA! 
My Getting Money for College Program has helped 100’s of families get money from the colleges their children want to attend. Families who were convinced they wouldn’t get any money or wouldn’t get any more money after the college’s initial offer. 

I am not talking about outside scholarships. I am talking about money the colleges have to give (that they don’t tell you about). You can get this money, regardless of your income, savings or child’s GPA! 

I have created a video course that you can watch right away to learn how to get your colleges to come up with money for you before the May 1st deadline for your admissions deposit.

To see what I am talking about click the button below. You will be glad you did!
Still Not Sure?
Want to know more about the subject.  Check out my FREE webinar where I cover the basics of financial aid, why tuition is negotiable and how to negotiate tuition.  
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The Basics of Financial Aid
Discover what are the criteria the colleges use when deciding who to accept, wait list or reject, and how to use this knowledge to spend less on college tuition.
Why Tuition Is Negotiable
Discover what the colleges don’t what you to know, why most of them offer tuition discounts and how to learn how much discount they usually offer.
How to Negotiate Tuition
Learn how to leverage information and the competition between colleges to negotiate and send your child to the college of their choice for the lowest possible price.
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